ConnectClip & the Oticon Companion app

  • > Can I use the Oticon Companion app with ConnectClip?

    Yes, when ConnectClip is in remote microphone mode, you can use the Oticon Companion app to adjust the volume of the signal streamed from your ConnectClip to your hearing aids.

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  • > If I use ConnectClip to stream music from my smartphone, can I control my hearing aids with Oticon Companion using another device (e.g. another mobile phone or tablet)?

    Yes, this is possible as long as the other device is also paired and connected directly to your hearing aids.

  • > Using ConnectClip as a remote microphone, can I adjust the streamed volume and the hearing aid microphones’ volume separately using Oticon Companion?

    Yes, both levels can be regulated separately using Oticon Companion.