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  • MyOticon

    Oticon is excited to introduce our new interactive eCommerce portal. MyOticon is an online ordering portal where you will be able to place all your Oticon orders online. The portal is intuitive and easy to use for your convenience. Watch the recorded webinar here.

  • Ruby

    This webinar launches Oticon Ruby -our newest offering in the essential category. This content highlights how Oticon is responding to market trends and consumer expectations with Oticon Ruby, while also delving into Oticon’s new proactive feedback management technology – SuperShield.

  • BrainHearing

    This webinar launches our new approach to Oticon's BrainHearing philosophy. Groundbreaking new science in hearing has shown that the brain needs access to the full sound scene in order to work in a natural way. This knowledge changes the way we look at hearing loss and sets new requirements for how the industry should develop hearing care technology in the future.