Cut through unwanted noise and enjoy improved speech understanding by using a remote microphone with your hearing aids

Cut through unwanted environmental noise in restaurants, at parties and in busy places and enjoy clear, one-to-one conversations with Oticon hearing aids.

Here you will find out how to use a remote microphone with your hearing aids.

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Need help finding out? Check the Instructions for Use that came with your hearing aids, contact your hearing care professional or read our tips for finding out if you have Bluetooth hearing aids

Two choices for clearer one-to-one conversations

Choose between ConnectClip and EduMic to transmit voices to your ears through your hearing aids – and more!


Transforming your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset, ConnectClip streams high quality sound from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can also use it as a remote microphone for clearer conversations in busy places, and to have hands-free calls.

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As well as providing you with a remote microphone to use with your hearing aids, EduMic connects to hearing loop systems when in public places, making it easier to make the most of your outings.

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Use ConnectLine Microphone for crisp and comfortable one-to-one conversations.

When you’re out and about in noisy or busy public places, quality conversations may seem difficult or even impossible. Cutting through the bustle is easy when you use the ConnectLine Microphone. You will first need to be issued a Streamer Pro by your hearing care professional, who will pair it to your hearing aids. ConnectLine Microphone then connects wirelessly to Streamer Pro, to make your one-on-one conversations easier and more comfortable.

Using ConnectLine Microphone

If you want to hear better during one-to-one conversations, your conversation partner must either wear ConnectLine Microphone around their neck or clip it to their clothes. The microphone will pick up their voice and deliver it into your ears through your hearing aids, while they are up to 15 metres away.

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