Should you wish to do so, find a hearing care specialist close to your location who can assist with and advise on a hearing aid device appropriate for you, including Oticon hearing aid devices, accessories and cleaning tools.

To find the contact information for a hearing clinic simply click on the preferred clinic from the list and more information will appear.

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The list of hearing clinics that appear on this website is not an exhaustive list of all available hearing clinics. At all times, you have the right to select a hearing care specialist from whom you wish to receive hearing care.
For more information on available hearing clinics, kindly contact the South African Health Professions Council of South Africa.

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Terms and Conditions for using the Hearing Centre Locator

1. This locator only lists hearing professionals who have subscribed to this service. For a full list of all hearing professionals in a specific area, prospective patients can use the internet or telephone directory services.

2. The listing of a health professional on this site does not mean that the professional is preferring, endorsing, or recommending any Oticon product. Patients have the right to be presented with options, and to choose the healthcare services and goods from those options presented to them. Patients are encouraged to enquire about options that would be suitable to them and their specific situations.

3. The inclusion of a professional on the Hearing Centre Locator does not mean that Oticon has vetted any aspect of a practitioner or his/her practice. It also does not mean that Oticon endorses, supports, or recommended any practitioner.

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5. Oticon does not prescribe or recommend any treatment. Decisions relating to healthcare options remain, solely, the prerogative of the patient, in consultation with his or her hearing professional.

6. Hearing professionals are registered at the HPCSA. Any complaints or concerns relating to a hearing professional listed on this site, must be addresses with the specific professional directly, and then at any relevant body.

7. Oticon reserves the right to make changes to the Hearing Centre Locator and the information the Hearing Centre Locator contain, without prior notice.

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10. If you would like to make an appointment with a state-based hearing care institution, please contact Oticon and we will help you find a hearing care professional near you. Contact us on 011 675 6104 or email

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