Match REM targets in less than 2 minutes 30 seconds in Oticon Genie 2

Fitting hearing aids using real ear measurements (REMs) personalises the fitting to your client’s ear acoustics. This improves hearing aid benefit2, 3, helps reduce return visits4 and improves client perception of hearing care professionals and hearing aids5.

REM AutoFit enables you to achieve these benefits conveniently and efficiently by automatically matching hearing aid output to target in less than 2 minutes 30 seconds1


Tailor your fittings …

Because gain in Oticon Genie is based on an average ear canal, it does not always perfectly suit the particular shapes and sizes of individuals' ears. REM AutoFit takes these individual ear acoustics into consideration by measuring, automatically adjusting and verifying the prescribed gain in the client's ear.

… in just 2 minutes 30 seconds

REM AutoFit streamlines your workflow to give each of your clients a shorter and more comfortable fitting experience during hearing aid verification. With the time that you save, you can devote valuable minutes to things such as validation and counselling, or see more patients during the day.

All inside Genie

There is no need to run Genie and REM software in parallel. REM AutoFit communicates with the REM system to run the measurements. Genie can then automatically adjust the hearing aid gain to match the target, and gives you the flexibility to manually fine-tune and verify the fitting. This gives you a single software program to launch, work in, and maintain.

The benefits of REM AutoFit verification for your business

Integrating the speed of REM AutoFit into your fitting process can help you to create an efficient verification procedure. This provides you with time for other aspects of clinical practice such as validation. And because the use of verification and validation reduces the return visits that the client makes on average4, incorporating REM AutoFit into your fitting process is a smart investment that can pay dividends in time and cost savings.

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  • In the new, improved REM AutoFit:

  • Automatic and manual fine-tuning and measurement
  • Automatic open fit calibration
  • Choice of insertion gain or speech mapping verification*
  • International speech test signal (ISTS)*
  • Simultaneous binaural measurements*
  • Flexible fitting verification against any rationale in Oticon Genie, including VAC+* and NAL
  • Compatible with Interacoustics, MedRx, Otometrics, Sivantos and Auditdata using HIMSA's Inter Module Communication protocol 2 (IMC 2) **
  • Compatible with Audioscan equipment using Verifit®LINK (from Oticon Genie 2 | 2018.2)**

* May vary depending on REM system

** Always ensure latest REM and Oticon Genie software

Benefits for your clients

Comfortable fitting with quick verification
More time for counselling and validation
Optimal hearing aid benefit thanks to verified fitting2,3
Reduced need for return visits4


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1. Rumley & Crowe, Oticon Whitepaper, 2019 (With IMC2 compatible REM systems REM target matching can be done in under 1 minutes and 50 seconds. With VerifitLINK REM target matching can be done in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds).
2. Kochkin S, Beck DL, L Christensen, et al. MarkeTrak VIII: The impact of the hearing healthcare professional on hearing aid user success. Hearing Review. 2010;17(4):12-34.
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5. Amlani AM, Pumford J, Gessling E. Improving patient perception of clinical services through real-ear measurements. Hearing Review. 2016;23(12):12-21.

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