How to use your Oticon hearing aids to make hands-free calls

Here you can learn how to use your Oticon hearing aids with your phone to have comfortable, hands-free calls



Using your Oticon hearing aids as part of a hands-free set up with your phone means you can hear more clearly and have more comfortable conversations.

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Need help finding out? Check the Instructions for Use that came with your hearing aids, contact your hearing care professional or read our tips to find out

Hearing aids with Bluetooth

You can use Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids as a wireless headset, where you connect your hearing aids wirelessly to your phone and then make or receive calls.

You will be able to hear the other people on the call directly in your hearing aids, while your voice will be captured by microphones in your hearing aids or in a ConnectClip intermediary device, so everyone else can hear you.

If your phone and hearing aids support hands-free communication, you don't need an intermediary device. If not, then ConnectClip is the perfect partner to connect your phone to your hearing aids and enjoy hands-free calls. ConnectClip acts as a microphone and streams sound between your hearing aids and other sound devices.

Check the hearing aid compatibility guide

Enjoy hands-free communication using your hearing aids​

Explore how to stream phone audio wirelessly between your Bluetooth hearing aids and different devices here​.

Want to know more about the benefits of ConnectClip and how it can be used to make hands-free calls?

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Ready to make hands-free calls?

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Hearing aids without Bluetooth

Hands-free calls from mobile devices for hearing aids without Bluetooth

If your hearing aids do not have Bluetooth technology, you will first need to connect them to your smartphone using Oticon Streamer Pro to make hands-free calls through your hearing aids.

Streamer Pro needs to be issued to you and paired to your hearing aids by your hearing care professional.

Get started with Streamer Pro for hands-free calls: