It’s time for the
new perspective in

The latest scientific breakthrough makes it clear that our brains
need access to the full sound scene.

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Oticon Opn S™

Oticon Opn S
breaks a law of physics

Fuelled by the new, advanced Velox S™ platform, Oticon Opn S takes the open sound experience and unique benefits of BrainHearing™ to new grounds.

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Oticon Opn S:
new groundbreaking EEG research

Thanks to a groundbreaking new EEG research method, independent hearing scientists have shown that Oticon Opn S is the first hearing aid proven to help the brain organize sounds and significantly improves selective attention.

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A style to fit any client

The comprehensive range of Oticon hearing aids covers hearing loss from mild to severe-to-profound. All Oticon hearing aids are built on our BrainHearing™ philosophy. We believe in giving the brain what it needs to make sense of sound naturally, by providing it with better conditions to perform in.

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At Oticon, we are dedicated to supporting you in your practice. Our campaign programmes assure you, at all times, a complete and continually updated product portfolio and the latest support tools to help you maintain a high level of client satisfaction in all aspects of your business.

Oticon strives to be a strong partner and help you to guide your clients through their journey towards better hearing.

The initiative includes a suite of structured tools to assist you in meeting your clients’ individual needs – and strengthen your position as a modern hearing care provider.

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Oticon Opn Play™

Oticon Opn Play redefines
child-friendly hearing care

Powered by the new, revolutionary Velox S™ platform, Oticon Opn Play unleashes the full potential of the open sound paradigm. This is pediatric hearing care taken to a new level.

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Xceed hearing aids

Oticon Xceed

Introducing the open sound experience for power users

Oticon Xceed brings a radical new approach to power hearing aids. Thanks to OpenSound Navigator™, your super and ultra power users can now get 360° access to speech for the very first time with less noise and less effort.

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