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Empower yourself in any situation

Get the most out of your hearing aids with the power to discreetly control, customise, and care for your hearing – all from one easy-to-use app on your phone or Apple Watch.


More support – more independence

Feel more empowered with Oticon Companion by your side to enhance and optimise your hearing experience.

Control your hearing aids discreetly

Just slide or tap your phone to adjust your volume, change programs, connect to accessories, and more – easily and discreetly without touching your hearing aids. And feel the instant gratification of an elevated Apple Watch experience for even more discretion.

Personalise your experience

At home, at a concert, or eating out, you can move through your day with custom programs that give you exactly the sound experience you prefer in different listening environments. Easily fine-tune settings like your microphone sound – and the app will remember them for next time.

Connect to what you love

Getting sound from your phone straight to your hearing aids makes everything easier. Enjoy clear, hands-free phone calls. Video chat with friends and family. Stream music and audio from other apps. And connect to your favourite devices.

Support good hearing habits

Build your hearing aid confidence and help your hearing care professional optimise your success. The HearingFitness™ feature helps you set goals – like the number of hours you wear your hearing aids per day – that you and your hearing care professional can use to help you get the best experience.

Get easy in-app help

You get step-by-step instructions right in your app for support when you need it. News, notifications, and automatic updates help keep things running smoothly. You can even see how much time is left on your batteries and find your hearing aids if you misplace them.

Access care from anywhere

Need your hearing aids adjusted or other help? The RemoteCare feature connects you with your hearing care professional for follow-up appointments and fine-tuning from a distance. All from the comfort of your home or other real-life listening situations.

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Learn how to use the app

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