NEW Oticon Play PX

Unleash the magic of childhood

With a complete family of paediatric hearing aids that are designed to support children’s development

Oticon Play PX hearing aids come in a range of miniBTE and miniRITE styles, with a variety of colour and battery options.

Oticon Play PX gives children access to the full sound environment

Oticon Play PX is the world’s first paediatric hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network and it's powered by Polaris™ – our most intelligent and powerful platform ever. It is designed to support children’s development by ensuring they have access to the sound they need to unleash the magic of childhood.

  • Superior sound quality

    Oticon Play PX gives clear access to the full sound environment thanks to Polaris™ and the Deep Neural Network.

  • Next-generation connectivity

    Connects seamlessly to the EduMic classroom microphone system and everyday devices.

  • Rechargeable battery options

    Oticon Play PX offers two rechargeable styles that provide power for a full day – and two disposable battery styles.

  • Best practice fitting

    Oticon Play PX comes with recommended feature settings and is supported by DSL v5.0.

Because experiences are vital to children’s development

Children are adventurers who are always looking for new experiences. Experiences filled with sounds, conversations, interactions – elements vital to their growth. Independent research shows that to grow, develop and mature, children need access to all sounds.1

That's why Oticon Play PX gives children with hearing loss access to all relevant sounds in the sound scene. This supports cognitive development, speech and language development, the development of social relationships and inclusion – all through our proven BrainHearing™ technology.

Children’s development is a result of learned experiences

Our brains start developing before we are born, and they continue to grow rapidly in early childhood and into adolescence. The experiences we encounter along the way stimulate the brain and support the development of important skills, cognitive functions, and other growth benefits throughout childhood.

Without full access to communication and the world of sounds around them, children with hearing loss may not get sufficient sensory input to meet developmental targets. Hearing technology can help by providing assistance that has life-changing impact.

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Oticon Play PX promotes participation in everyday listening environments

By giving children access to the full sound environment in a more natural way, Oticon Play PX hearing aids provide optimal support for children’s language, learning and social development.

We tested how Oticon Play PX supports children’s ability to hear and understand words in noise when they came from different directions, to simulate a typical listening environment like a classroom. The results showed that Oticon Play PX significantly helps children to recognize and recall words, even when speech comes from multiple directions.3

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Clinical efficiency. Better first fits. Helping more clients.

These 3 new studies offer results that can make a real difference for your practice – and set your clients up for success.

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Oticon Play PX is trained with real-life sounds – just like the young brain

To ensure the brain has optimal support, Oticon Play PX is powered by our most intelligent platform, Polaris. It utilizes the intelligent capabilities of an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) that mimics the way the child’s brain learns. The DNN has been trained with 12 million sound scenes from real life. This intelligence enables Oticon Play PX to create a map of what the world sounds like, the details of each sound, and how they should ideally sound.

MoreSound Intelligence™

Gives children access to the full sound scene

Inside Oticon Play PX, MoreSound Intelligence is a groundbreaking new feature that makes it easier for the brain to separate sounds and focus on what is important. It’s comprised of three parts that work together to provide the brain with a more precise and natural representation of all sounds in the environment. This gives the brain clear information, making it easier to make sense of sound for improved speech recognition and recall.

Intelligent amplification and feedback prevention

MoreSound Amplifier™ seamlessly adapts its resolution and speed to the nature of the sound scene, resulting in balanced and precise amplification.

MoreSound Optimizer™ lets you say goodbye to feedback because it prevents feedback from happening and dramatically reduces gain reductions during the day. It lets Oticon Play PX provide optimal amplification in a more comfortable and stable way.

Let children connect to the world

A user-friendly remote microphone built for classrooms

EduMic is an easy-to-use classroom hearing solution. It is a wireless remote microphone that provides clear and reliable direct access to the teacher’s voice to help children manage noise, reverberation, and distance in the classroom.

Research shows that EduMic improves children’s speech understanding in class, and improves language development, learning, and social opportunities.7 In addition, EduMic performs better than traditional frequency modulated remote microphone systems when compared in noisy environments.8

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Direct streaming from children’s favourite devices

Oticon Play PX is a Made for iPhone hearing aid and is compatible with the Android protocol for Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA). This makes it possible to stream directly from iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, and Android devices.9

Oticon Play PX can also be combined with ConnectClip to stream from any Bluetooth® device, and offers an extensive range of connectivity options.

With the Oticon Companion app, it becomes easy for parents or older children to control the hearing aids with just a touch of their phone. Adjust the volume, check the battery level, control EduMic streaming, switch between programs, or enjoy an outstanding music experience with the new Oticon MyMusic program.

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Rechargeable at home or on the go

Oticon Play PX offers two recharging options: the portable SmartCharger and powerful desk charger. Both are designed to provide convenient charging and a full day of battery life - including when streaming from other devices.10

Powerful desk charger
Oticon Play PX comes with a stylish desk charger that lets children – and their caregivers – charge their hearing aids while they sleep.

Portable SmartCharger
The portable SmartCharger gives your clients the freedom to travel light and keeps their hearing aids powered, dry, and protected on the go. With a built-in power bank, the SmartCharger is ideal for travelling and trips, providing at least three full hearing aid charges when the SmartCharger is fully charged.

More about the chargers

A hearing aid family full of options

Oticon Play PX comes in a wide range of styles and colours

Oticon Play PX is available at two price points and covers hearing loss ranging from slight to severe. It comes in a choice of styles with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or disposable zinc-air batteries.

From the security of encapsulated batteries in the miniBTE R style to the modern design of the miniRITE R, there’s a style for every need. All styles offer a full connectivity package, so children can easily connect with friends and stay active online.

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Designed to stand up to the tests of childhood

Oticon Play PX is made for the adventures of active young lives, and designed with safety in mind.


Sharper insights make our solutions outstanding

We don’t just focus on the ears, we think brain first.

This is our BrainHearing approach. We research and study the brain so we can develop hearing care technology that supports the way the brain makes sense of sound.

Find out more about our BrainHearing approach here.

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