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Welcome to the hearing care blog

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Join us as we start up this exciting new way of sharing knowledge and insights with hearing care professionals like you. In this post, you will get a good idea of the stimulating subjects you will be able to read about, and how you can use the blog. 

What will the blogposts be about?

On Oticon’s blog for professionals you can follow along with the latest things happening in our exciting industry, from research findings, to future trends, to explorations of technologies.

You’ll get insights into the needs and preferences of hearing aid users. Sneak peaks of upcoming technologies. The latest thinking on prediction and prevention. And you’ll get to follow the latest research we are working on.

All this will combine to immerse you in the way Oticon and our wider industry is moving, and inspire you to stay at the cutting edge.

Who will write the blogposts?

We will call on a diverse range of people to write for the blog, because we’ll always try to find whoever is the best qualified to write about each subject.

This will often be audiologists, however, we’ll also call on people like research specialists and business intelligence analysts to get insights into where our industry is going, and where new frontiers are opening up.

What’s more, we’ll have guest bloggers from time to time – from organisations we work with – who bring valuable new perspectives and help us all keep striving to improve.

Check out a blogpost – What does the future hold for hearing care?

E-health and remote fitting solutions, 5G connectivity, and big data are just some of the topics covered in our first blogpost.

For this post, our own Heine Højvang Andersen travelled to the show where the world’s leading electronic companies show off their latest technologies: CES 2018.

You can get insights into the trends that are emerging in upcoming hearing care products, as well as in healthcare more generally.  

See the blogpost about the future of hearing care

How often will the blogposts be published?

We will publish new posts every month – follow our Facebook page for professionals to stay-up-to-date on the latest developments. 

Please feel free to share any posts you find interesting on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter using the share buttons. 


Happy reading.