Using ConnectClip

  • > How should I position ConnectClip to use on calls or as a remote microphone?

    We recommend wearing ConnectClip clipped to clothes or on a lanyard, close to and pointed towards the speaker's mouth.

  • > Can I change hearing aid programs with ConnectClip?

    Yes, ConnectClip doubles as a remote control. Please refer to the ConnectClip Instructions for Use for more information.

  • Are there any audible indications in my hearing aids when I use ConnectClip?

    You will hear the following audible indications:

    • Ringing tone for incoming calls
    • Confirmation beep when switching to remote microphone mode
    • Confirmation beeps for volume adjustments
  • > How do I switch between the different ConnectClip modes?

    To switch between modes, long press the multi-button on ConnectClip (for approximately 3 seconds). The status indicator on ConnectClip will change color, and you will hear a tone in your hearing aids.

  • > Are my hearing aids still active when ConnectClip is in remote microphone mode?

    Yes, the hearing aid microphones are still active.

  • > What happens if I mute my hearing aid microphones while ConnectClip is in remote microphone mode?

    If you mute your hearing aid microphones, you will only hear the sound coming from ConnectClip.

  • > Is it possible to mute or unmute my hearing aids when using different modes?

    Yes, you can do this by muting the hearing aid microphones manually when using ConnectClip. Your hearing care professional can adjust the level of the hearing aid microphones, relative to the streamed signal in the fitting software.

  • > Can I access the remote microphone mode using the pushbutton on my hearing aids?

    Yes, the remote microphone program is added to the hearing aids program cycle when paired with ConnectClip. You can access the remote microphone mode by pushing the program button on the hearing aid, by using the multi-button on ConnectClip or by using the Oticon ON app.