Connect your hearing aids to your life

You can connect Oticon Bluetooth® hearing aids to many other electronic devices and wireless accessories. Then you can use your hearing aids as high-quality headphones. You can make hands-free calls and wirelessly stream TV sound, stereo music, video calls, podcasts, audiobooks and more.

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Hands-free communication using your hearing aids

To use Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids as a wireless headset, you simply connect your hearing aids wirelessly to your phone or device. Then you can make or receive mobile phone calls, video calls, for instance FaceTime, and online meetings.

You will be able to hear the other people on your calls directly in your hearing aids, while your voice will be captured by microphones in your hearing aids, so everyone on the call can hear you.

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Streaming audio from your device to your hearing aids

All Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids are Made For iPhone® hearing aids. This means they can be used as high-quality, stereo headphones to stream audio directly to the hearing aids from iPhone, iPad®, and iPod touch®.

You can also stream calls to your hearing aids from iPhone and iPad. If you have a compatible iPhone or iPad, and compatible hearing aids, you can enjoy direct hands-free communication – without using any other device. ​If not, adding ConnectClip will enable you to speak hands-free.

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If you have an Android smartphone that supports Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) and compatible hearing aids, you can stream audio directly from your phone to your hearing aids, including phone calls. Using ConnectClip will enable you to speak hands-free. If your Android device does not support ASHA or if you have other hearing aids, you will need ConnectClip to stream any sound to your hearing aids.

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Hands-free phone calls and wireless audio

Oticon hearing aids can become a wireless headset for any modern smartphones, tablets and computers, using ConnectClip.

ConnectClip streams your phone conversations directly to your hearing aids, so you can talk hands-free, wherever you are. It works with practically any mobile phone. You can also connect wirelessly to your laptop or tablet for video calls on Skype — or for simply playing music and audio in your hearing aids.

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Stream your TV’s sound directly to your ears with a TV Adapter

You can use your hearing aids as wireless, stereo headphones for your TV.

With a TV Adapter you can:

  • Stream sound from your TV directly to your hearing aids, so you can hear it clearly

  • Control your own volume level while keeping the TV’s own volume comfortable for others

  • Use our hearing aid app – Oticon Companion – to control the TV sound in your hearing aids

  • Connect the TV Adapter to a music system to stream music into your hearing aids

Our TV Adapter can be connected to almost any audio device, using the cables provided.

Remote Control

Roughly the size of a modern car key, this small device gives you discreet and easy control over your Oticon hearing aids. Adjust volume, switch between programs or simply turn off your hearing aids.

Our hearing aid app – Oticon Companion: Your mobile control centre

Oticon Companion gives you discreet, improved control over your hearing aids, the ability to find your hearing aids when lost, personalised remote support from your hearing care professional, and much more.

With Oticon Companion, you can also:

  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aids and various settings (e.g. remote microphone, noise reduction, and streaming equalizer)

  • Monitor your battery levels

  • Use SpeechBooster to reduce background noise and enhance speech

  • Use your device as a remote microphone and get better access to the voice of another speaker in noisy environments

  • Handle wireless accessories paired with your hearing aids; control multiple TV Adapters or devices, such as Oticon EduMic or ConnectClip, which can be used both for streaming and as a remote microphone

The Oticon Companion App is compatible with all Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids.

Download the free Oticon Companion app:

Download Oticon ON app in iTunes Download Oticon Companion app in Google Play

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The availability of some features depends on your mobile device and hearing aid model.

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