New Oticon Opn S™

The life-changing
Oticon Opn S
breaks a law of physics

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NEW Oticon Opn™ custom styles

Now the Oticon Opn family has gained five new in-the-ear designs, even more of your clients can enjoy the groundbreaking open sound experience that makes directionality as we know it a thing of the past.

Oticon hearing aids brings a new paradigm to hearing care

  • Traditional technology

    The limitations of traditional hearing aid technology in complex environments have led to the use of narrow directionality to make speech coming from the front clear. All other sounds – speech and noise alike – are reduced, leaving the user with a narrowed, artificial listening experience.

  • Oticon technology

    Oticon Opn and Oticon Opn S can handle multiple people speaking with ease. This is because it is fast and precise enough to analyse complex soundscapes and reduce noise while remaining open to all relevant sound sources. The result is a paradigm shift in hearing care that opens up the world for people with hearing loss.

OpenSound Navigator™ opens up life

The OpenSound Navigator technology scans the sound environment more than 100 times per second, rapidly and precisely attenuating disturbing noise, even between individual words. This makes directionality as we know it a thing of the past, so hearing aid users can access all the sounds in their lives.

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Improved speech understanding in
noisy environments

The biggest challenge for people with hearing loss is being able to thrive in noisy environments with multiple speakers.

With up to 6 dB more gain, open fittings and the open sound experience, Oticon Opn S users can experience speech understanding in these difficult listening environments at the level of people with normal hearing.*

* Juul Jensen 2018, Oticon Whitepaper, Oticon Opn S 1

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Which style should you recommend?

Oticon hearing aids come in a comprehensive range of custom styles and different behind-the-ear styles.

  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids

    Deliver the unique open sound experience
    Rechargeable option
    138 dB SPL model available
    Connectivity via Bluetooth® low energy

  • In-the-ear hearing aids

    Now deliver the open sound experience
    A comprehensive range of custom styles
    Invisible In the Canal (IIC) style fits 8/10 people
    Connectivity via Bluetooth® low energy

World-leading accessories and features

  • ON App

    Phone app control

    With the Oticon ON App, clients can adjust volume, change programmes and more.


  • Connect to devices via 2.4 GHz

    Connects wirelessly to TV, computer, music player and more via Bluetooth® low energy.

  • ConnectClip microphone

    ConnectClip enables hands-free calls and stereo music streaming from any smartphone, and it's also a remote microphone.

  • Rechargeable hearing aids

    Your clients can charge their hearing aids at night and wake up to a full day's power.

  • Safety cord

    SafeLine stops hearing aids becoming lost or damaged, for adults and children alike.

  • HearingFitness™ technology

    Just like an exercise app, HearingFitness gathers real-world data and gives insights that help people optimize their hearing.

BrainHearing™ technology

Supports the way the brain makes sense of sound

When it comes to developing hearing aids, we defied convention and took a different path to others in the industry by focusing on the brain’s role in hearing.

BrainHearing is our unique and pioneering approach. It centres on giving the brain what it needs to make sense of sound.


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  • Powered by Velox S™

    Fuelled by the new, advanced Velox S™ platform,
    Oticon Opn S takes the open sound experience and unique benefits of BrainHearing™ to new grounds.

  • Tinnitus SoundSupport™

    Proven sound generator technology offers your clients a wide range of customisable tinnitus relief sounds.