For a richer, more meaningful soundscape

Oticon Opn™ is powered by the new Velox™ platform. The tiny but powerful chip provides the ultra-fast and precise sound analysis and processing needed to support the brain’s ability to make sense of sound.

Market-leading frequency resolution with 64 channels ensures that sounds are processed clearly and accurately to help you differentiate speech from noise.

Velox scans the environment more than 100 times per second, handling more than 1,200 million operations per second. That’s fast enough to follow rapidly changing conversations with multiple speakers in noisy environments so you can locate, follow and switch focus to the sounds you want to hear.

Two communication systems in one hearing aid

Enjoy easy, direct wireless connections to external devices without compromising on sound quality.

With TwinLink™, for the first time, two dedicated communication systems operate in one hearing aid. One system lets your hearing aids talk to each other for accurate spatial awareness so you can identify where sounds are coming from. A second system communicates wirelessly with external devices such as iPhone®, smartphones, TV, computers and more.

The benefits of both systems are all yours - better hearing and hassle-free connectivity with low battery consumption.

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Hear better, remember more with less effort

OpenSound Navigator™ expertly manages multiple speech and noise sources so you can focus on a conversation while staying attentive to people and things around you and switch focus to what you want to hear.

Traditional hearing technology enhances one speaker in the front and closes down all other sounds. OpenSound Navigator scans your environment 100 times per second to analyse and balance every sound individually, making them accessible but not disturbing so you enjoy a fuller, more natural soundscape.

Tinnitus SoundSupport™

All Oticon Opn hearing aids can play sounds that relieve the symptoms of tinnitus

This proven sound generator technology is now integrated into Oticon Opn hearing aids. With these cutting-edge hearing aids, you have a wide range of customisable tinnitus relief sounds that are dynamic, yet soothing — including broadband sounds (white, pink and red noise) and natural, ocean-like sounds. What’s more, you can discreetly adjust the sounds using their iPhone or Android device.

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Catch more of conversations with Speech RescueTM

Missing high-frequency sounds such as ‘s’ or ‘th’ can impact your understanding.

Because many sufferers of hearing loss can’t hear high frequencies, Speech Rescue LX lowers the high-frequency parts of speech. This ensures clear access to all the sounds that would otherwise be inaudible, increasing your understanding of conversations.

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Take charge of your conversations

Feel at ease even in challenging environments. Locate, follow and shift focus to the sounds you want to hear.

Spatial Sound™ LX preserves the natural level differences that occur in each ear so you are better oriented to the location and direction of sounds in your environment. More precise spatial awareness helps you identify where sound is coming from so you can respond naturally to the conversations and sounds around you.

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Personalised to you

Sound the way you like to hear it.

YouMatic™ LX tailors the open sound experience to your personal listening preferences and needs. Enjoy more details of your environment and a high level of sound quality, personalised to the way you like to hear.

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Better understanding even in noisy situations

Follow conversations in challenging environments.

Speech Guard™ LX preserves clear, transparent sound quality and speech details to improve your ability to understanding speech in noise. Follow conversations – from soft to loud – with less effort, even when multiple speakers are competing for your attention.

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Boost soft speech understanding

Improve soft speech understanding by up to 20% without turning up the volume.

The soft sounds that occur in 70% of situations and conversations are often inaudible to people with hearing loss. Soft Speech Booster LX makes soft sounds audible and allows you to understand soft speech up to 20 percent better.

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Better sound, less distortion

A richer listening experience especially when enjoying music or engaging in conversation in noisy environments.

When listening to music or chatting with friends in busy, dynamic environments (such as dinner parties or sporting events), sound peaks are often louder than what most hearing aids are able to handle. Clear Dynamics expands the input dynamic range so you enjoy better sound quality without distortion even in loud environments.

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Outdoor listening comfort

Effectively suppresses annoying wind noise, even between words in a conversation.

Enjoy the great outdoors and great conversation too! Wind Noise Management protects against the discomfort of wind noise. Analyses the environment 500 times per second to immediately detect and suppress wind noise. Improves your listening comfort even on windy days.

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Clear sound without worry

Enjoy clearer sound without worrying about annoying whistling or squealing, even in challenging everyday situations like greeting someone with a hug.

Feedback shield LX constantly monitors the environment and instantly responds to suppress annoying whistling or squealing. You experience clearer sound without worrying about embarrassing feedback – so go ahead and hug!

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  • Improved connectivity

    Use your hearing aids as a stereo headset to talk on the phone or stream music directly to your hearing aids.

  • BrainHearing

    Your brain is the most important part of your hearing solution. See why.

  • Downloads and support

    Learn how to maintain and clean your hearing aids, set up wireless accessories and more.

  • Find a hearing centre

    A hearing care professional can test your hearing and devise a treatment that suits you.