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Energy to live your life

Today’s consumers have different demands on their hearing throughout the day. However, the reduced energy at the end of the day makes any listening environment troublesome for the hearing impaired:

Reconciling users’ high expectations with the realities of hearing loss and aging is a call for change that Oticon sees as a unique opportunity to take hearing care to the next level.

For Oticon, the convergence of three challenges represents the new frontier in audiology:

Improving the user’s ability to perform in all listening situations.

Preserving cognitive resources in order to increase the ability to perform throughout the day.

Adapting solutions to make the most of each user’s unique abilities and preferences and giving hearing care professionals the support and tools needed to match user and solution.

Individualisation is the key and you play a vital role

We believe that by balancing performance enhancements and energy-saving algorithms along with end-user preferences, we will help you to better meet the unique needs and preferences of your clients.

Together we must minimise the load on cognitive resources already under pressure from hearing loss (and ageing). Reducing listening effort by creating more effective access to sounds will enable people to choose when and how they use their energy throughout the day. The next step towards reducing the energy burden is to analyse the role of individualisation.

Striking the right balance between sufficiently high performance and the resulting cognitive load will enable the user to participate more actively rather than simply following what’s going on. It also gives them a deeper appreciation of the sounds they hear.

The individual approach is designed to make the most of each user’s unique characteristics and preferences.

Only with your participation can we find the right balance between sufficiently high performance and the resulting cognitive load. With tools that we are developing and your experience guiding their use, this balance will become quick and easy to find.

Improving the ability to perform

Oticon will start the journey by investing in additional research exploring new technologies to improve performance in difficult situations.

We will continue to develop methods and algorithms from these research findings. We will apply the algorithms to devices which can be used by the hearing impaired in real-world settings with positive benefits.

This will provide you, the hearing care professional, with strategies to maximise your clinical effectiveness when fitting, programming, adjusting, and customising hearing devices for your clients.

Another dimension is the ability to perform all day

Oticon has already been involved in research for more than a decade into the additional cognitive load imposed by hearing loss. We will continue to invest in this area with the aim of uncovering factors that reduce this load and that can reduce the expenditure of cognitive energy on listening.

This research will lead to the development of algorithms that facilitate listening or shift processing demand into the hearing device rather than placing the burden on the hearing-impaired listener. We will then be able to provide clinically feasible and robust methods to reduce cognitive load, free up mental resources, and maximise listening pleasure.

Advancements in technology and preservation of energy

We are always working on technological advances that can improve hearing performance, especially in difficult listening situations. These include acoustics, signal processing, and wireless techniques.

To help users perform actively throughout the day, we must look at individual abilities, characteristics and preferences in a broader perspective than before. This, together with the ability to maximise performance, will lead to optimised hearing the whole day.

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