Hearing aids that sit inside your ears

These Oticon Opn™ hearing aids hide in your ears and are custom-made to fit you precisely. Even the smallest, invisible* models offer excellent sound quality without compromise, giving you constant access to 360-degree sound.

*Doran and Dudek 2018, Oticon Tech paper

Oticon Opn™ gives you high-quality, 360° sound

With the revolutionary new Oticon Opn in-the-ear hearing aids*, you can clearly hear the sounds all around and be more active in conversations, even in noisy places.** 

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*The effect and availability of features varies with hearing aid style and prescription

** Le Goff and Beck 2017, Oticon Whitepaper

Oticon Opn is a new kind of hearing aid

  • Old technology

    Deals with complex and noisy environments like restaurants by focusing only on the sound in front, such as one person speaking. By reducing all other sounds – speech and noise alike – it leaves the wearer with a narrowed and artificial listening experience.

  • NEW Oticon technology

    Groundbreaking technology has the power to analyse the whole soundscape and differentiate between speech and noise. By rapidly and precisely reducing noise, it presents you with a natural, 360-degree sound environment where you can switch focus when you choose.

We have a style to suit you

Would you prefer tiny and invisible hearing aids or ones that are very easy-to-handle? And is connectivity important? Oticon has an in-the-ear hearing aid to meet your needs.

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Hear speech clearly with invisible hearing aids

You can enjoy conversations more with the help of hearing aids that are small enough to hide in your ears.

What's more, they're custom-made to fit your ears comfortably, because your ears are as unique as your fingerprints.

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Oticon Opn in-the-ear hearing aids are unique

  • So small they're invisible*

    The invisible Oticon Opn model hides in your ear where people can't see it – yet it's very easy to remove.

    * Invisible in the ear for 8 out of 10 people

    Doran and Dudek 2018, Oticon Tech Paper


  • Natural, 360° sound

    You hear the sounds all around you just like most people can, so you can choose what to focus on, intuitively.

  • Helps your brain to hear

    Hearing loss makes the brain work harder, so Oticon Opn is designed to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.

    Explore BrainHearing™ technology

  • Follow conversations in noisy places

    With Oticon Opn hearing aids, you can understand speech more easily when you're in a noisy environment like a restaurant.*

    * Le Goff and Beck 2017, Oticon Whitepaper

  • Play tinnitus relief sounds

    Tinnitus SoundSupport™ technology gives you customisable sounds such as white noise, which help relieve your symptoms.

    Go to Tinnitus SoundSupport

  • Connect to your phone and devices

    You can use most models of Oticon Opn hearing aids to function as a high-quality headset for making hands-free phone calls, listening to stereo music, connecting to TVs, and more.

    Discover ConnectClip

"I can hear all the conversations at the same time, and understand all of them. I can’t tell you how phenomenal this is."

Robert, owner of Oticon Opn hearing aids

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Which type of in-the-ear hearing aid is best for you?

Each model offers a different mix of style and functionality.

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