Sound is one thing. Making sense is everything. The sounds your ears receive are sent to your brain, which translates them into meaning. With hearing loss your brain tries to fill in the gaps of the sounds you don’t hear and this process can make hearing loss very exhausting.

Oticon hearing aids support your brain to understand what is going on with less effort. The BrainHearingTM technology inside our hearing aids enables you to: organise sounds and orient yourself with your surroundings, hear better in challenging environments, engage in conversations where you switch focus and listen according to your personal preference.

Super speech recognition

Speech Guard E protects speech clarity and details for you to easily understand what is being said – even in noisy surroundings.

Speech Guard works to make the world and all its sounds as clear and distinct as possible. The technology provides clinically evidenced improvements to speech understanding in noisy situations and makes it easier to engage actively in conversations. It helps to reduce the effort required to understand speech and makes it easier for you to select and switch between conversation partners.

Locate the sources of sound

Spatial Sound supports your brain’s ability to locate where sounds are coming from so you can respond to conversations and sounds around you.

Our ability to precisely determine where sounds are coming from can be crucial in everyday life. Your spatial hearing helps you take appropriate action when sounds come from different directions and sources, by either moving to safety or turning your head to optimise hearing conditions. Spatial Sound helps you use the differences in sound at the two ears to create the auditory world around us. This makes it easier to orientate and locate the sounds around you.

Zoom in on what’s important

Free Focus lets you focus on relevant sounds while maintaining awareness of your surroundings. The automatic function helps you shift focus from one conversation to another, for a clearer sound experience.

Free Focus supports the brain’s ability to focus while continuing to orient and separate sounds. It adapts automatically to the sound environment, from help to focus in the complex sound environment to allowing in all inputs for natural orientation and location. But not all hearing aids users require the same directionality. Free Focus offers several modes of directionality. Your hearing care professional can help you get settings that are just right for you.

Customize your sound experience

YouMatic Allows you to hear sounds more naturally, in a way you are used to. Oticon hearing aids can be finely tuned to match your unique hearing profile and personal sound preferences.

Modern advanced hearing aids provide a significant amount of flexibility in the setting of sound processing features. YouMatic takes the user’s preferences into account and creates an individual profile, which ensures a more precise fitting from the very start. The result is hearing aids with a personal setting, which make them react and respond to your exact needs and enable you to adjust your perception and enjoyment of sound throughout the day.

Increased understanding of quiet voices

Soft Speech Booster enriches and increases the amount of details in soft speech while maintaining a high level of sound quality.

Making sense of soft sounds is an important part of making sense of a listening situation – moreover, they provide the details for understanding of soft speech. Soft Speech Booster improves soft speech understanding by up to 20% and opens the way for achieving even greater satisfaction. With the Inium Sense processor, you get more gain (hearing aid amplification) on soft speech enriching delicate moments and private conversations without compromising feedback and sound quality.

Relaxed listening without feedback concerns

The feedback management system is capable of detecting risks of feedback fast, prevent it effectively and eliminate sudden howling instantly

With Inium Sense feedback shield you will not have feedback concerns or problems. The Feedback Management system is combining new technologies for ultra-fast detection of feedback risks and effective elimination of feedback. It act transparent and will only kick-in in critical situations where feedback is prone to occur and always while maintaining the same gain (amplification from the hearing aid) as well as the optimal sound quality.

Get the speech details

Speech RescueTM preserves the original details in speech and secures fidelity and clarity.Speech Rescue works by creating copies of high frequency sounds and pasting them into a lower frequency range, where they are audible. Unlike similar technologies, Speech Rescue leaves the original details in place and positions the copy into the available spaces in speech.Speech Guard E and Speech Rescue

More speech details than ever before
Once the ‘s’, ‘th’ and other critical high frequency sounds have been rescued by Speech Rescue, our Speech Guard E compression steps in to deliver just the right amplification in high-quality sound while preserving the differences in intensity from soft to loud. Hearing more speech clues will help you to perceive speech more clearly

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