Oticon hearing aids – With rechargeable batteries

Oticon Opn™ is proven to give you better speech understanding, with less effort, in noisy environments.*
Now that they are rechargeable, you can wake up each morning to full power for the day.

* Le Goff & Beck, 2017.

See how a typical day is powered with rechargeable Oticon hearing aids.

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Why choose Oticon rechargeable hearing aids?

  • Oticon hearing aids give your brain the natural soundscape it is supposed to perform in.

  • You can hear sound wirelessly from TVs, phones and computers via a high-quality, 2.4 GHz connection.

  • The rechargeable batteries last all day, and you can use disposable batteries any time you want as back up.

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Why are rechargeable hearing aids a good idea?

  • More reassuring – Simply seat the hearing aids in a charger at night and wake up to full-power hearing aids each morning

  • More convenient – No need to replace batteries every few days, nor open the battery drawer

  • More efficient – Save the time, money and environmental impact of buying hundreds of batteries per year

What if the batteries run out?

Although they have plenty of power for the day, you can still use ordinary batteries if your rechargeable ones run flat.

One day, you might forget to charge your batteries. There could be a power-cut. Or perhaps you will find yourself away from home unexpectedly. With Oticon rechargeable hearing aids, you always have the backup option of using ordinary batteries thanks to the hybrid battery technology. You simply open the battery drawer and insert ordinary, disposable batteries.

Oticon Opn – The unique open sound experience

Conventional hearing aids have to narrow your focus. They give you ‘tunnel hearing’. This means you have to look at what you want to hear.

With Oticon Opn, you hear sounds all around you, even when it’s noisy – like in a restaurant or busy street. You can hear people who are speaking without turning your head, and can choose where to focus your attention. Because you can hear sounds all around you without having to concentrate so hard, you are more easily aware and use less mental energy – leaving you less tired and better able to remember*.

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* Oticon Opn 1, Le Goff et al. 2016


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